This article is non-canon within the Puppet Saga Legends continuity.

This article covers a Puppet Saga Legends subject that Puppet Saga Inc. declared to be non-canon within the Legends continuity.

A Modern Puppet Family is a show that may be produced after the end of the Puppet Saga. It will be a spoof of reality TV shows such as Modern Family, and is non-canon under the Puppet Saga Legends continuity. Storylines for the show can be submitted here.

List of episodes

I: The Sith Lord Attacks · II: The War Begins · III: Afterwards
IV: The Fight Around Iapetus · V: The New Chancellor · VI: A Death In The Family
VII: Thomas Awakens · VIII · IX · X
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VI: A Death In The Family · VII · VIII · IX · X
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Rise of the Sith · Back to the Future · Civil War
The Truth · Knightfall: A Survivors Story · One Two One Eight
The Beginning · Darth Statler · Sesamos · After Puppet Saga
Back to the Future · Endgame · Civil War
Television series
A Modern Puppet Family
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