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"You're Chelsea Carter."
"How do you know that?"
The Assassin and Chelsea[src]

Chelsea Carter was a human female from the planet Earth.[1] She was discovered by the Jedi in late 2015 when she broke into Thomas Muller's house in Napoleons. Kermit accepted her into their Jedi Order, as Veronica Parker and Noah Tolmach had recently left it.[1]

Chelsea met Tolmach later, and convinced him to end being the Assassin and to join the Jedi once again.[2]

She gained superpowers some time around 2014 and became a small-time superhero known as Raven.[1] In this alias, she commonly traveled to Azarath, an interdimensional realm.[2]


Gaining powers

―Chelsea Carter to Thomas Muller[src]

At some stage in 2014, Carter acquired special powers, which she used to become a hero in Australia known as Raven.[1]

Discovering the war

Later in the year, she came across the existence of the Sesamonians on Earth, and Jedi Master Kermit's Jedi Order. With the knowledge of them, she watched Kermit and Noah Tolmach from afar, eventually becoming aware of the existence of the Sith including Darth Daniel.[1] She was also aware of the death of Thomas in their fight against Darth Elmo.[1]

Personality and traits

Chelsea Carter was a typical teenage girl of planet Earth, up until she recieved the powers of Raven and could travel to Azarath, a dimension within Earth-9471, and when she discovered the Jedi.[1] Chelsea stopped attending school and instead initiated a life of crime fighting.[2]

Powers and abilities


Behind the scenes

Chelsea is based on Lula from the film Now You See Me 2, portrayed by Lizzy Caplan. Chelsea's introduction to Episode VIII of the Puppet Saga is planned similar to Lula's.

Her character is also based on Noah's friend Marlee.[citation needed]

Her alias of Raven takes from the version of the character from the Teen Titans TV series.[citation needed]

Her surname "Carter" is likely derived from the Marvel comics character Peggy Carter.

She is currently uncast.

The character was created to replace Veronica Parker as the main girl in the series.



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