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She is friends with your old friend: Noah Tolmach!

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Daniel Mackay, known as Darth Daniel as a Sith, was a male Sesamonian human best known for being a Sith apprentice. He was Darth Elmo's apprentice under the Sith, although as a Jedi he served under his Master, William.[1] Daniel was responsible for the attempted murder of his rival, Noah Tolmach.[4]

In 2015, Daniel acquired clones of Tolmach, who later became Assassin troopers under the Assassin League.[5]


Life on Sesamos

On his home planet Sesamos, Daniel Mackay[4] was a Jedi Knight, and fairly well known until he became a Sith. Under the apprenticeship of William, he was close with another Jedi in training named Noah Tolmach. The two of them fought together against the Knights of Waldorf during the Jedi-Eternals conflict.[1]

Battle of Sesamos

While in battle, acting under commands of her father and commander Darth WaldorfKira Waldorf captured Daniel and took him to Eternalla. Noah failed to save him from Waldorf, and, although Kira — renamed as Veronica — saved him and brought him home, Waldorf taught him the ways of the dark side.

Becoming a Sith

Although the Knights of Waldorf died out, Darth Elmo, acting under the rulings of enthusiast Darth Statler, took Daniel as an apprentice. Together, they started the War for Earth, trying to take over it and the Senate.

Behind the scenes

Daniel Mackay, introduced as "Darth Daniel," was created for Puppet Saga: Episode II The War Begins. As Noah wrote the screenplay for the second installment in the series, he perceived Daniel as portraying him, who eventually did indeed get the part. The two had previously worked together on the LFwD Series.

From Episode V and onward, Daniel wears new glasses. In Episode IV, his original's were destroyed. This is due to Daniel getting new glasses in 2015.

The character's surname is pronounced "Mack-eye".



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