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"I'm the number one most wanted criminal in Australia!"
―Darth Elmo to Darth Daniel[src]

Darth Elmo was a Force-sensitive male Sesamonian monster Sith Lord, and the secondary leader of the Sith and the Assassin League.[1][5][6]

After his rise to power, he became the Emperor by deceiving Noah Tolmach, Kermit, Supreme Chancellor Lambo Barkington and the rest of the Senate, whilst using his real name, Milton Clash.[6]


Early life

When Darth Elmo was young, he lived on the planet Sesamos with his family. He served as the Senator of the planet under his real name Milton Clash until he became a Sith.[2]

Darth Elmo was quite smart with his and his Master Statler's plans and liked to blast his enemies with his deadly Force lightning.[1] He had an apprentice named Daniel Mackay and a cousin named Elmo,[2] and his ultimate nemesis was Jedi Master Kermit.[1]

Darth Elmo loved the sound music from the 1970s, especially tracks such as "Hooked on a Feeling" or "Come and Get Your Love."[5]

Behind the scenes

Darth Elmo's character came about after an Elmo puppet was made. After giving the puppet eyebrows, Noah came up with the idea of The Puppet Saga and his character, and also the idea of getting a Kermit to use as well. The first episode stars Darth Elmo briefly, and the second episode goes more into his character.[5]

His name came from the name of Elmo, a Sesame Street Muppet character. His real name, Milton Clash, was created in conjunction with "Milton," created by Daniel, along with "Clash," the surname of Elmo's puppeteer prior to 2013, Kevin Clash.[citation needed]



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