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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Sesamos: Rise of the Sith. Caution is advised.

Darth Statler, a male Sesamonian, was the first Sith Lord.[1] He took inspiration from the Eternal Knights of Waldorf.[2] He built them up slowly, taking Milton Clash as his apprentice and hiding from the Jedi,[2] although the identity of Statler himself wasn't discovered even after Darth Elmo's was.[1]

Whilst taking inspiration from the Darth Waldorf,[2] Statler himself created the plan for Darth Elmo to seduce the Senate and make him the Supreme Chancellor, while remaining in the shadows as the Supreme Leader of the Sith.[3] He owned the Darth Star, an unknown region of space.

Statler mostly appeared to Darth Elmo and Darth Daniel as a hologram.[3]


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