Darth Elmo? How?

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Puppet Saga: Episode III Afterwards is the third installment in The Puppet Saga and follows the story on from Episode II.

Episode III currently holds the record for the episode that took the most time from filming to the release date.


Darth Elmo has risen to the status of the number one criminal in Australia, having fought the Jedi in that country. As the Jedi notice this, they make a decision to flee and get help from their old friend, Senator Milton Clash on Saturn’s moon, Iapetus.



The Puppet Saga

In Earth-1218, Daniel and Darth Elmo are watching a screening of the first episode of The Puppet Saga, specifically the opening with Kermit. Daniel later complains that it's unfair they are paying to see something that Noah would show them for free. He directly points to the camera, saying that the viewers are "giant sucker[s]", referencing The Simpsons Movie.


Darth Elmo tells his apprentice that he is disappointed with their previous fail. Darth Daniel proclaims that they will "kill them ASAP." Later, Darth Daniel reads a newspaper that says his Master is the "most wanted criminal in Australia", which Daniel proclaims is unfair. Darth Elmo proceeds to sing a song about this, much to the anger of his apprentice. At the end of the song, Darth Elmo decides to go to the Senate on a moon of the planet Saturn named Iapetus, so that he had take up his his alter ego, Milton Clash.

Flying to space

Kermit immediately senses this, and all of them, unknowingly to each other, they fly to Saturn's orbit, hitching a ride on a lightspeed starship made by NASA. Darth Elmo senses that they are with the Jedi aboard the ship, informing his apprentice, whilst Noah and Kermit are oblivious to the fact that the Sith are aboard. Noah and Darth Daniel put helmets on to assist their breathing, while Sesamonian monsters and frogs had the ability to breathe in space, before they jumped out of the ship towards Saturn, unaware of an imminent lightsaber duel.

Opening crawl

Episode III
Darth Elmo has attacked the secret 
Jedi Temple! After a fight for their
lives, Kermit and his apprentice,
Noah Tolmach, managed to fend
off the Sith Lords, sending Darth
Elmo and Darth Daniel back to their
secret bunker

The two Sith Lords continue to follow
the plans of the Sith, Darth
Statler, so that one day the Sith
will rule the galaxy, as they did
before the formation of the Jedi 
on Sesamos.

The Jedi are not aware of Darth
Statler's existence, and believe 
that the Sith Lords operate under
the Rule of Two: A Master, and
an Apprentice, but they continue 
to look out for any clues leading
them to more Sith.

We now find Darth Elmo and
Darth Daniel back at their bunker,
reflecting on the previous battle,
and soon hoping to destroy the Jedi

Behind the scenes

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The music video for "I'm Number One" was filmed long before the majority of the episode, and even before Episode I had started production. The filler scene before the music video was added in separately as Noah noticed while reviewing the footage that they needed more to explain Darth Daniel's sudden disappearance.


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