Although Puppet Saga Inc. — including Noah, Thomas Muller and Daniel — are very good with making the story work well on screen, there are small goofs that make it on screen. Below is a list of these mistakes.

Episode I

Image Summary
Kermit Rainbow Goof
In the first scene of Kermit singing Rainbow Connection, Noah's arm can be seen coming through the chair.
Noah Hand Chair
When Kermit is singing Rainbow Connection, Noah's hand can be seen using his arm rod.
Episode 1 Kermit Goof
When Kermit and Thomas are hiding inside, after Thomas jokes about Kermit's eyes being ping-pong balls, Noah's arm can be seen for a split second when he replies.
Kermit Noah Hand
Throughout Kermit's close-up shots, Noah's whole arm can be seen for a second or two at the start. This was due to Thomas Muller being responsible for filming these scenes (no offence).
Rod Hole
Throughout all of Episode 1, the puppets were new and the holes where the arm rods were put inside Kermit are visible (such as in the shown photo), but we're sewed up by Episode II.
Elmo arm
During most of Darth Elmo's shots (excluding the first and last), Noah's arm could be seen performing the puppet.

Episode II

As the puppeteers were better at hiding themselves and puppet goofs this episode, the following lists mainly continuity errors.

Image Summary
Daniel Window
After "Come and Get Your Love" has been danced to by Darth Daniel, Daniel can be seen filming Darth Elmo in a reflection.
  • The jumper is in his right hand....
  • And it's in his left!
When Thomas takes his jumper off (to avoid one sort of continuity error) another one occurs. In one shot, the jumpers in his right hand, and in the next, it's in his left.
Thomas cast
A more obvious error, Thomas now has a cast on, and did not have a cast during Episode I.
Thomas window reflect
While Kermit is getting whacked by Thomas against the window, Thomas can be seen reflected filming. This is not a continuity error, as it is not the character standing there, it is just the camera being seen.
  • Thomas is whacking Kermit in the centre of the doors....
  • Although from the outside he can somehow be seen past the curtains.
In the same part of the episode as the last goof, somehow Kermit can be seen from the outside of the house despite not being hit past the curtains by Thomas.
  • Thomas is holding Kermit in his right hand while making excuses to their boss...
  • And after the Pig has spoken again, Kermit is being held in his left hand.
When the Pig comes over just after the last goof, Kermit is in Thomas's right hand, and is suddenly in his left hand in the next shot. Could Thomas possibly make Kermit swap hands so quickly, and if so, why? The answer is no.
Kermit Noah Hand Rod
For a split-second near the start of We're Doing a Sequel, Noah's hand can be seen holding Kermit's arm rod in the bottom right corner.
Darth Elmo goof

Darth Elmo goof

Click the video to play it.

Later in We're Doing A Sequel, Darth Elmo has what appears to be 'Kermit's' voice, but bad quality and bad enough not to notice (which is why the editors didn't).
Puppets in back
Behind Darth Elmo, the plush/stunt double for him and the puppet for Kermit can be seen lying on the ground.
  • Daniel is holding Elmo in front of the house.
  • Noah is holding Kermit up in front of trees.
  • Daniel is now holding Darth Elmo up facing the house.
  • In the final shot Noah is somehow on the left of Daniel.
At the end of We're Doing A Sequel, everyone keeps changing places.
Daniel touch blade
During the final fight, when Daniel gets Force pushed by Noah, as he falls down he touches the blade on his lightsaber.

Episode 3

Episode 3 has wrapped up in principal photography, with a few special shots to be filmed. A few goofs is what has been filmed are below.

Image Summary
  • Darth Elmo is sitting on the chair.....
  • He's not really on the chair in the next shot of him, as you can see at the start.
Darth Elmo is supposed to be sitting, but in one shot he's not actually sitting.
D Elmo float
In the corner of this image (and the episode), one can see that Darth Elmo's feet are not touching the floor. (See Muppet Height Relations)
Elmo number one
During I'm Number One, Noah's arm and part of his head can be seen while performing Darth Elmo.
Head goof
After Darth Elmo finished singing the song, as he walks away Noah's head is visible (circled).

Muppet Height Relations

One of the big errors people can easily notice in the Puppet Saga is continuity of the characters' heights. For example, Darth Elmo normally appears around (or even above) waist height compared to their human co-stars. However, a full-body look at proportions of the character would suggest they would barely reach a human's knee. also appear in a flexible height range in order to interact comfortably with humans and sets. Noah said once that "If a character like Elmo only appeared at his true height next to a human actor, you’d only see the human actor’s legs when you saw him. That’s an extreme example, but the idea is true for most of the characters. Even so, we do know the relative heights of the characters to each other and make an effort to keep that in mind." The suspended belief that the audience has when watching them allows this flexible reality to exist without major distractions. So even though the puppet's feet would be floating three feet off the ground, the audience still goes along, not questioning, and usually not even perceiving.

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