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Humans were a species of bipedal beings bilateral symmetry. It is unknown if they were native to the planet EarthSesamos or Eternalla. They were quite commonly found throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. They were known to engage in many different pursuits, such as wielding the Force or being a Senator for their planet. Species that bore resemblance to them were called "humanoids." They existed in all three major universes, 9471, 167 and 1218.

Biology and appearance

Humans were an intelligent species found on many planets across the galaxy. They came in two sexes, male and female, and gave birth to live young. hey were bipedal beings with a bilateral symmetry, having a front and a back end, as well as an upside and downside. Their body comprised a torso with a head and four limbs attached to it. The upper limbs, or arms, ended in hands which had five fingers each; the lower ones, called legs, ended in feet. The human fingers had multiple points of articulation, and one of them was an opposable thumb that allowed for fine manipulation. Finally, they had one head perched atop a torso.

Other species such as the Eternals were called "humanoids" due to the resemblance. Human eyes came in shades of blue, green or brown. The average height of a human was 1.85 meters.

Human could be sensitive to the Force, mysterious energy that connected all living things in the galaxy and gave special powers to those who learned how to manipulate it.


Non-canonical appearances


  1. Exodus of the Humans