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July 23 was the 204th day of an Earth year.


  • 2014:
    • Darth Daniel and Noah Tolmach dueled.
    • Kermit sang "The Rainbow Connection," something he'd been doing every day since meeting Thomas, before being interrupted by gunshots. He warned Thomas.
    • Safely inside, Kermit told Thomas how Darth Elmo died, when he joked they should be like the Jedi and build "laser swords"[1]. Thomas took the joke seriously, and made a lightsaber for each of them, one green and one blue for Kermit and himself, respectively. Using their Jedi skills, they disposed of all the turrets firing at them.
    • Darth Elmo arrived, unarmed and without his apprentice. The two thought they had it easy against him, although, while Kermit could only watch, Thomas was struck down by Force lightning. While Darth Elmo ran away, Kermit ran up to his dying friend.
    • Darth Elmo imagined Darth Daniel dancing to "Come and Get Your Love."
    • Kermit watched Thomas die.


  1. ""Why don't we make, like, laser swords or something"