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Kermit was a Jedi and a male frog from the planet Sesamos. He came to Earth due to his father Lermit being killed by Darth Elmo.


Early life

Kermit was born and raised on Sesamos in the Earth year 1990, making him two years younger than his nemesis Darth Elmo, who was secretly one of his trusted friends Milton Clash. He moved to Earth on July 112014 in Napoleons near Thomas Muller's house, when the boy took him in as a pet.

Meeting Veronica Parker

Death of Thomas Muller

On July 23, Kermit sat outside singing "the Rainbow Connection", when Darth Elmo started attacking him with drones. As he and Thomas ran inside, they made a choice to build "laser swords" as the Jedi had on Sesamos before they were killed. Thomas created a blue-bladed weapon, whilst Kermit made a green one.[1][2]

Quickly, they fought against the drones which had made into their shed having broke down the roof. When Darth Elmo arrived, the two were shocked; Darth Elmo had died weeks earlier. With no explanation of he survived, Kermit watched helplessly as Darth Elmo used Force lightning on Thomas, killing him.

Training Noah Tolmach



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