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She is friends with your old friend: Noah Tolmach!

Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Puppet Saga: Episode V The New Chancellor. Caution is advised.

Lambo Barkington was a male dog from Sesamos and the Supreme Chancellor on Iapetus right before Senator Milton Clash. He was the cousin of Jedi Master Rowlf Swayze.[1]

When Noah Tolmach first met him, Noah was surprised that he greeted Senator Clash as "Milton". He was very frustrated when he had to move out of office.[1] Despite this, in December of the same year, Barkington did not initially condemn the actions of the Jedi when they attempted to take down Emperor Clash, attempting to kill Veronica Parker.[2]


Behind the scenes

Lambo Barkington was created for Puppet Saga: Episode V The New Chancellor, the fifth installment in the Puppet Saga. He was voiced by Daniel and performed by Noah.

On March 182015, Daniel came up with the first name of the character, who was only scripted as "Chancellor Barkington," on the request of Noah and came up with the name "Lambo" as a pun of the car manufacturer Lamborghini.