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This article is about the weapon. You may be looking for the special effect.

The lightsaber, or the laser sword, was a weapon invented by the people of Sesamos and widely used by the Jedi, Sith and the Knights of Waldorf. Kermit came up with the idea of using a lightsaber and told Thomas to make them as a joke, although being good with building, Thomas got all the parts he needed, and in a matter of time had built one for him and Kermit.

Personal lightsabers

Owned by Jedi

Lightsaber Owner
Obi-wan-lightsaber-halloween-accessory 246290
Kermit's lightsaber.[1]

Various Jedi. First
Thomas Muller,[1] then
handed to Noah Tolmach.
After his death, Rowlf Swayze
took it before later
giving it back to

Sw prod rots obile v2
Noah Tolmach, along with his
armour and his other lightsaber.
Veronica Parker
 trades him for it with the hammer,
and it eventually
gets destroyed.[2]

Owned by Sith

Lightsaber Owner
Elmo saber
Darth Elmo's lightsaber.
Darth Daniel's lightsaber.[3]
Untitled picture
Darth Daniel's spare lightsaber.[4]
Daniel lightsaber hilt
Darth Daniel's new crossguarded
after acquisition of the
Assassin League.[5]


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