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"Get an apprentice...!"
Thomas Muller to Kermit[src]

Noah Tolmach was a Force-sensitive Sesamonian human Jedi from the planet Sesamos,[1] and originally the apprentice of Rowlf Swayze, although later moving under Jedi Master Kermit.[3] His nemesis was Darth Daniel, and most often fought him when attacking the Sith.[1][3][6]

Tolmach had a female artificial intelligence named A.L.I.C.E. that he created.[2][6] He was later brainwashed, becoming an Assassin trooper under Darth Daniel's army, designated "AL-114",[4] and even later became known as the Assassin.[7]


Early life

Noah Tolmach was born in 2001 with the name Logan Marek, to parents Cassian and Aisha.[8] He was sent to the Jedi Temple early — both his parents retired Jedi from the Jedi Order — as years earlier, his family had been threatened by General Peter Muller, an Earth human who was accepted into Sesamonian culture before turning to the dark side, and so Tolmach's parents decided to hide him away from Muller, would he return.[8]

Jedi training

Noah Tolmach trained on Sesamos in the Old Jedi Order.[1] He was close with Daniel Mackay, another Jedi trainee who later became a Sith apprentice.[1][3]

Discovering his parents

Through uncertain circumstances, Noah Tolmach was lead to his true parents Cassian and Aisha by his family. When he arrived there on a hoverbus, however, the house was destroyed by an unseen assassin, leaving Tolmach devastated.

Jedi-Eternals conflict

Battle of Sesamos

During the battle of Sesamos, Daniel Mackay and Noah found a hammer from another world lying on the surface, which only Noah could lift it up.[1][2]

He later met Veronica Parker, an Eternal who found him due to a homing beacon going off from him activating the hammer.[1]

Joining the New Jedi Order

Tolmach joined Kermit's Jedi Order on August 2, 2014.[3]

Battle at the Jedi Training Facility

That day, the Sith — Darth Elmo and Darth Daniel — attacked the Jedi Training Facility in Napoleons; however, the two of them managed to draw the attackers away.[3]

Travelling to outer space

The next day, Noah and Kermit decided — after training — to travel to outer space, via a lightspeed test craft engineered by NASA. They planned to go the Senate on Iapetus.[9]

Unknowingly, the Sith had also chosen the same day to travel to the Senate via the same means, to ensure that Darth Elmo could take over the Senate as Senator Milton Clash before the Jedi would arrive.[9][6]

Personality and traits

"Yeah, a friend of mine. I couldn't believe it. And now Noah's dead."
Kermit on Tolmach[src]

As a child, Noah showed general curiosity in his state as a Jedi.[1] Stuck within the Tolmach family and unsure of his true lineage,[10][8] his curiosity finally sparked in 2014 when he learnt the identity of his true parents: Jedi Master Cassian Marek, a survivor from the War of the World, and his wife Aisha.[8]

Under the apprenticeship of Jedi Master Kermit in the New Jedi Order,[3] Noah was determined to win the war and to defeat the Sith.[9]

Powers and abilities

Force powers

From his initial recruitment in the Jedi Order, it was clear that Tolmach was powerful in the light side of the Force.

Behind the scenes

Noah Tolmach is a character created for Puppet Saga: Episode II The War Begins. He is portrayed by Noah.[3]

His surname isn't officially revealed until Puppet Saga: Episode VI A Death In The Family, during a Force vision. The surname itself came from Matt Tolmach, the producer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was found on a poster.



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