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Darth Elmo? How?

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"We're doing a sequel!"
Kermit, Noah, Darth Daniel and Darth Elmo[src]

Puppet Saga: Episode II The War Begins is the third installment in The Puppet Saga, and follows on from Episode I. The episode was the first appearance of Noah as a human (opposed to a puppet, being a frog or monster), playing Noah Tolmach, and was also the first appearance of Darth Daniel, portrayed by Daniel. Rowlf Swayze was scripted to appear more prominently, but only had one scene in the final cut.

Opening crawl

Episode II
Kermit the Frog is devastated! After his 
best friend Thomas died, he decided he 
must stop Darth Elmo at all costs (after
a quick song). He is about to strike again,
but with more power = the Sith Lord's
evil apprentice, Darth Daniel. Kermit
has made good use of his 'joke' about
lightsabers, and has become a master
at fighting (thanks to watching Thomas
and his father telling him stories).
Jedi Master Kermit has decided to 
train an army of Jedi, taking on
an apprentice with many other
powerful beings on their side. They
will continue to try and defeat the Sith
(who follow the rule of two) and stop
them forever...


The Puppet Saga

Just after the events of the last episode, Thomas returns by finishing the final scene of the first episode of The Puppet Saga in Earth-1218, whilst the others, including newcomers Noah and Daniel, express their excitement for the sequel. Noah was set to replace Thomas as the Jedi Knight in the show as Kermit's apprentice.

Listening to music

Meanwhile, in Earth-9471, Darth Elmo wonders of his apprentice Darth Daniel's location, and imagines him to be dancing to the song "Come and Get Your Love."

He later finds Daniel, arriving while dancing to "Hooked on a Feeling."


At the Jedi Training Facility, Kermit has started a new group of Jedi and has Noah Tolmach as his new apprentice. Darth Elmo and Darth Daniel continued planning to attack the Jedi at the Facility.

Battle at the Jedi Training Facility

When the Sith show up, Noah and Kermit are very eager to defend themselves and manage to draw the two Sith away with their lightsabers.


Behind the scenes


Daniel finished filming on September 26, 2014.


Noah has personally stated that he "wishes he could take it back," meaning he regrets many of the decisions he made with the sequel. He believed he had fixed these when he began writing Episode VI, realising that the Puppet Saga had greater potential.
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