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Darth Elmo? How?

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Puppet Saga: Episode I The Sith Lord Attacks is the first instalment of Noah's series, the Puppet Saga. It was released on September 16, 2014.

Opening crawl

Episode I
Our story begins at Thomas Muller's
house. He has found a poor old frog
named Kermit, whom could talk and was friendly.
Over time, Thomas and Kermit became close 
friends, butthis day is already ugly, with 
troopersfiring at them in ships, under the 
commandof the Sith Lord Darth Elmo. Will 
Thomas save the day? Or will Kermit's life
be changed forever...


Attack on the Jedi


Darth Elmo's fighters attack.

On a normal day, Kermit is singing The Rainbow Connection when he hears gunshots, and quickly discovers that he and Thomas are being attacked. After they take cover inside, Kermit reveals that the attacker may be Darth Elmo, and outlines his past on the planet Sesamos. After being attacked more, Kermit jokes that they should build laser swords, which Thomas responds to seriously, making himself a blue one and Kermit a green.

Now armed, they fight against the forces, and defeat them, right before Darth Elmo reveals himself to be responsible for the attack. Without being able to stop it, Kermit watches as the Sith draws Force lightning onto Thomas, wounding him as Darth Elmo flees the scene.

Shortly before Thomas dies, he tells Kermit to avenge him, and to get an apprentice and also revealing that the Sith has his own apprentice. After his best friend dies, Kermit angrily jumps towards the camera.



Script-writing began around May 2014, and Episode II was the first script written. Thomas was confirmed to be in it not long after the script was written. A few changes were made to the script over time, and was finally finished by the time filming commenced.



After post production came to an end of Episode I, it got many views on YouTube and was very well liked by fans,
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supporters and actors of the series. The second episode was confirmed to be coming soon via the official website and has since been set to be out in mid-October.


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