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Puppet Saga: Episode VI and VII is a work-in-progress novel based on the Puppet Saga episodes Episode VI: A Death in the Family and Episode VII: Thomas Awakens. It is presented as an adaptation including the Stories of the Sith novel League of Death, and written by Noah.



The novel is currently in production. However, on September 20, 2016, a majority of the novel was uploaded to FanFiction.Net.[1]


The book is a novelization of two installments in the Puppet Saga, and includes deleted scenes and additional content based on early screenplays for A Death In The Family. It bridges the gap between the two films with new canon stories including Stories of the Sith and additional stories featuring Veronica Parker.[1]


Sixteen chapters of the novel were first uploaded to FanFiction.Net.[1] Despite initially receiving no reviews, the novel was mostly acclaimed, but critically received for its author's notes.[2]


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