She is friends with your old friend: Noah Tolmach!

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Rowlf Swayze was a male Sesamonian dog Jedi Master, part of both Kermit's Jedi Order and the first

Rowlf's cousin Lambo Barkington was once the Supreme Chancellor. His Jedi apprentice was Noah Tolmach until Kermit took over after the death of Thomas Muller.


As a Jedi Master

Rowlf was friends with fellow Jedi Master of the Jedi Order William. In turn, their apprentices were also friends, William's being Daniel Mackay and Rowlf's own being Noah Tolmach.

Jedi-Eternals conflict

Rowlf watched in the dark as Mackay turned against the Jedi, killing them all bar few survivors, including Swayze himself and his apprentice, as well as Kermit, a frog who was the son of the legendary Jedi Lermit. He watched the fall of the Knights of Waldorf and the rise of the Sith. Hiding out from Darth Elmo and the newly appointed "Darth Daniel," Rowlf joined Kermit's new order, and getting help from Milton Clash, a trusted Sesamonian Senator in the Senate on Iapetus.

Part of the New Jedi

Rowlf met Tolmach for the first time since training him at the Jedi Training Facility, where he briefly spoke with Kermit. He was not present for the battle there.

Behind the scenes

Rowlf was originally supposed to appear prominently in Episode II during "We're Doing a Sequel," although he can be heard singing one line on the soundtrack. 

He is a live hand puppet, requiring two performers, one as the primary performer, who performs the head and left hand) and the secondary performer, performing the right hand.