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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Sesamos: Rise of the Sith. Caution is advised.

The Sith, collectively the Sith Order were an order of Force users who used the dark side of the Force in effort to take over the galaxy. The first Sith Lord was Darth Statler, taking inspiration from the Knights of Waldorf. The Sith were the enemies of the New Jedi Order, and fought wars against them for nearly 4 years.


Knights of Waldorf

As the Jedi-Eternals conflict wore on in the year 2014, the Eternal Knights of Waldorf, only users of the dark side at the time, began to fall. Once Darth Waldorf was killed by his daughter Kira, renamed Veronica Parker, the Knights were dead and the conflict was thought to be won. However, Darth Statler, a Sesamonian who took interest in the dark side looked to the fallen Waldorf for inspiration.

Rise of the Sith

Starting with an unknown name, Statler used the first name of Waldorf, "Darth" as a title. From there, he managed to seduce Senator Milton Clash, a trusted ally of the Jedi, to the dark side, making him the first Sith apprentice of Statler the Sith Master. Whilst Statler remained in hiding, his apprentice who had been renamed Darth Elmo took on his own apprentice, a young Jedi named Daniel Mackay. Together, they destroyed the Jedi Order and it's leader Lermit.[1] Some of the Jedi, including a friend of Mackay's named Noah Tolmach, managed to escape the slaughter.

Return of the Jedi

Statler soon discovered that the Jedi had survived in the form of the son of Lermit, a frog named Kermit.



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