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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Puppet Saga: Episode VII Thomas Awakens. Caution is advised.

"Kermit; get revenge on Elmo. Do everything you can to stop him. Get an apprentice, I know he has an apprentice named Daniel and has secret plans!"
―Thomas's dying wish to Kermit[src]

Thomas James Muller[1] was a Force-sensitive human male from the planet Earth who helped to motivate Kermit to become a Jedi, just like Kermit's father before him, and to defeat Darth Elmo and his apprentice Darth Daniel.

He was killed at the hands of Darth Elmo's Force lightning, although he was later resurrected by the Zerion-287 revivor, controlled by Kermit.[1]


Meeting Kermit

In July 2014, Thomas met a Sesamonian frog from the planet Sesamos named Kermit.[2] [3]


Later in the month, the two of them were attacked at Thomas's house in Napoleons by Sith Lord Darth Elmo's fighters.[2]

Behind the scenes

Thomas Muller was created by Noah as one of the two protagonists of Puppet Saga: Episode I The Sith Lord Attacks, along with Kermit. In the film, he was portrayed by Thomas Muller, whom he was named after.



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