She is friends with your old friend: Noah Tolmach!

Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from The Truth. Caution is advised.

The Tolmachs were a family of Force-sensitive humans. The family rose to dominance on the discovery of an unidentified Tolmach who, amongst other humans including James Muller and Veronica Parker, emigrated to the outer area of the Milky Way Galaxy and to Sesamos.

This near-first Tolmach was highly sensitive to the Force, and became a Jedi along with Sesamonian monsters, frogs and dogs, under the Jedi Order. Following tradition, his long ancestor Noah Tolmach also became a Jedi — well known in his time.

In the 2020s, Noah married and had two daughters named Maddi and Veronica Tolmach, the latter of whom was named after Parker, a close friend of Noah's.


Family tree